Copper Case Study- Argyll

Copper on Argyll Newbuild

Project Name:

Copper – Argyll


Coastal West of Scotland

Material & Profile:

Copper 125mm Half-Round, Gutters with 80mm Round Downpipes

Job specific details & scope of works

Copper was chosen for this unique, custom build in the West of Scotland for its natural tendency to form a protective green patina. This corrosion of the outer surface of oxidised copper actually provides a protective coating over the metal beneath, regulating the speed of corrosion through the metal so that copper can last 50-100 years even in this location with its proximity to the sea. Copper, one of the most noble metals, makes a wonderfully low-maintenance option for guttering systems.
The client enjoyed doing most of the work himself on this project. A local architect, Douglas Guest, worked with him on a design based on an idea of the basic shape provided by the client. The site, on a quiet road with access to the sea – somewhere handy for the boat – was sheltered and natural, being sloping and wooded, mainly with mature oaks, that seemed to ask for a split level design and copper seemed to be the best material for the roof as it wouldn’t host moss or lichen. Some of the oaks that needed cutting down will be used as cladding on the tower, which will go grey like the bark of a tree, combined with the copper roof and gutters aging from a high sheen through a deeper reddish-brown to verdigris green, means the whole project should blend beautifully into the woodland setting.
It may be a more expensive choice, but its beauty, durability and recycle-ability – reducing environmental impact – makes it more cost-effective as the long-term advantages far outweigh the initial outlay.

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Give your home a unique finish that needs virtually no maintenance and will last for generations to come – the long-term value cannot be understated.

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