Copper – general

Copper in general


Copper Guttering, Downpipes and Accessories – Available in Half Round Gutter Profile 115mm, 125mm, 150mm & 190mm and a variety of outlet diameters: 80mm, 100mm, 120mm & 150mm.


The initially shiny finish will weather which gives it a ‘rustic’ look, or the polished surface can be maintained.


Copper is sustainable, it is 100% recyclable

Once installed it will last 100 years +

It will not require painting, or cleaning if you are happy to allow it to patina with age, which makes it suited for areas that are difficult or dangerous to reach.

The process of the patina,, turning green eventually over time, actually creates a protective layer, stopping any further corrosion.

Plant actually grow better using pH balanced and chemical free rainwater  – besides its attractive appearance and high corrosion resistance, copper acts as an algaecide and fungicide making it ideal for rainwater collection.

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