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Fitting the Harmer Threaded Spigot Adaptor (ADP) – A brief video – you need to use either PTFE tape or silicone sealant

Fitting the Harmer Threaded Spigot daptor (ADP) with PTFE tape or Silicone Sealant

You need to use either PTFE Tape or Silicone sealant when installing Harmer Outlets with the Threaded Spigot Adaptor (ADP) for a watertight seal

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15 Year Steel System Warranty

The manufacturers of our Galvanised Steel System guarantee that their rainwater systems will not show defects in material or production, which will impede the stability or function of the system, for 15 years The warranty for the Infinity Galvanised Steel

How to measure the offset size (from gutter outlet to downpipe) you’ll need to order

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Any downpipe needs to run down the wall in line with the subsurface drain/gully below it – in order to join it or ‘let out’ into it. But the gutter outlet may be anywhere between ‘a little’ and ‘some distance’ from this drain/gully…

A brief video guide to gluing in Infinity Zinc Rainwater System Stopends

The Infinity Zinc rainwater system is available from Rainclear Systems with next day delivery in 115mm and 125mm deep half round profile and in 80mm round downpipes. Other sizes are available with a longer leadtime and with prices available on

Cast Iron SimpleFIT Drainage System: A video guide to pre-relaxation of the rubber gasket prior to assembly

Cast Iron SimpleFIT Drainage System: A video guide to pre-relaxation of the rubber gasket prior to assembly

The SimpleFIT drainage system, made from quality cast iron, is ideal for traditional style, heritage or listed properties. But its clever, simple push-fit method of assembling the components significantly reduces installation time and, therefore, cost. That said, to aid insertion

Tips for fitting Stopends, Fascia Brackets & Unions in Infinity Galvanised Steel

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I’m no installer. I do the marketing for Rainclear. But in that role, I have made up hundreds of steel gutter samples. And here’s a few things I’ve learnt that might help you when you are 2 storeys up installing 3mtre lengths!

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How to create the downpipe offset from a roofline in steel

Swan neck Bend Offset illustrated

    The roofline of a building, where the gutter is fitted, is commonly positioned away from the wall of he house beneath it where the downpipe needs to be attached. The distance away from the wall varies depending on