Hydrostrip Cast Iron Gutter Sealing System

Rubber Sealing Pack for Cast Iron Rainwater System

Suitable for 100, 115, 125 & 150mm Half Round and Beaded Half Round profile Cast Iron guttering.

Rainclear developed a dry-jointing gutter sealing kit to give a watertight seal on Cast Iron gutters and the Hydrostrips (order code: GSP) for Cast iron have been a popular replacement to silicone for over half a decade.

They are expected, when installed in accordance with the included instructions, to last as long as the system they seal (and longer than the traditional silicone alternative, the thickness and coverage of which can vary and that also needs to ‘set’ before it becomes watertight)

GSP - Hydrostrip Gutter Sealing pack

GSP: Hydrostrip Gutter Sealing pack

Metseal Cast Aluminium Sealing Kit - illustrates How

Illustration of how the specially designed & tested EPMD rubber strips and screws & nuts go together to seal the gutters where they meet.

Each pack contains 20no rubber strips, 20no M6 x 25 dome head screws and 20no M6 square nuts

  • From above push dome screw through male end (spigot) of guttering length (or fitting i.e. angle or outlet) into hole within rubber strip which you should locate underneath guttering (either way up works)
  • Place female end (socket) of guttering underneath rubber strip creating a sandwich effect and ensure that the bolt is pushed through to underside of guttering
  • Fix and loosely tighten square nut onto underside of guttering
  • Ensure rubber strip is 'square' and free from obstruction or debris before tighten the nut fully and ensure strip has compressed providing a water tight seal
  • Trim excess rubber strip with sharp knife at edges creating flush joint with guttering (or fitting) edge.

Hydrostrip  Sealing  Method

For half round  gutters  only  (nominal  sizes 100, 115  and  125mm  -  150mm),  the Rainclear Hydrostrip system is recommended. The Hydrostrip system comprises preformed rubber seals that are quick and easy to install, and totally reliable. Hydrostrip offers a faster and cleaner solution to gutter jointing than traditional mastic jointing sealants.

Hydrostrip sealing method illustrated 010

Hydrostrip sealing method illustrated 011

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