15 Year Steel System Warranty

The manufacturers of our Galvanised Steel System guarantee that their rainwater systems will not show defects in material or production, which will impede the stability or function of the system, for 15 years

  • The warranty for the Infinity Galvanised Steel system starts with the delivery of the products to the customer.
  • The installation must follow the roofing and plumbing industry standards in our installation guidance.
  • Any damage to the surface or cut ends necessary to installiton will be painted by the installer with the appropriate spray.
  • The whole system should be installed with matching IGS products only.
  • Any eventul claim will be handled by us and has to be made in writing to us.
  • The steel system manufacturer's staff will be allowed to inspect the system at the installation location.
  • If the claim is acepted the manufacturer will replace the defective parts and deliver to the site.
  • Labour or other damages in conjuction with accepting the claim are not covered by this warranty.
  • The warranty is valid under normal environmental conditions which exclude Maratime or Industrial environments as weel as chemical, electrochemical, mechanical or other physical impacts.

All matters not handled in this warranty are subject to the legal conditions of the sale.


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