Galvanised Steel in 8 Stylish Finishes

Galvanised steel is the most affordable and versatile of the metal rainwater ranges offering smart and contemporary styling that looks great on both modern and traditional buildings.
The stylish range comes pre- coated in a robust, three-layer corrosion resistant coating system designed to perform for 25 years without repainting.

Galvanised steel guttering, and the colour coated versions, are a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic gutters - with the metal’s considerably longer life and 100% recyclability at end of life (plus it doesn’t contribute to the contamination of the environment by micro-plastics lost into the ecosystem in the production of new plastic and old plastic waste dumped in landfill fragmenting and ending up in the stomachs of earthworms, then birds etc.).

Considering the greatest cost of installation will be the scaffolding needed to access the roofline, the less often you have to replace it, the better.

Our Infinity Galvanised steel rainwater system comes with a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty but should have a life of >25yrs with correct installation and basic ongoing care/maintenance.

We hold a huge stock of the plain Galv Steel (in 115, 125, 150 & 190mm) and 7 colour coated Galv steel gutters & fittings (in 115 & 125mm)  to be able to get these durable, attractive, and eco-friendly products out to mainland UK sites and addresses the next day.

To help convince you to choose the greener option we've 30% off plain Galvanised and colour coated Galvanised steel guttering and dowpipes (in 80mm & 100mm plus the new smaller diameter/gauge 60mm).

Why choose steel...

  • The deep-flow half round profile has exceptional capacity offering peace of mind for effective rainwater disposal
  • Dry jointed union connectors with no need for messy silicone
  • Swaged downpipe that simply push-fit together
  • A range of hopper heads, angles, branches, bends, offsets, outlets and brackets for a quick, easy to install gutter solution
  • Fully galvanised and available in a range of 8 finishes: Natural Galv, Black, Anthracite Grey, Dusty Grey, Grey Aluminium, Grey White, White and Sepia Brown.

Offset Option 2. 2no. 70Degree Bends making a ‘swan-neck’

Offset Option 3. 2no. 70Degree Bends with cut pipe length

Black Galvanised Steel Case Study

The 8 colours/finshes in the galvanised steel range

The 8 colours/finshes in the galvanised steel range


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