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Maddie Durdant-Hollamby : A tribute to a bright star

Maddie Durdant-Hollamby tribute to a bright star

  Sadly, our industry lost a bright young talent on 27th August when the life of beautiful Maddie Durdant-Hollamby was tragically cut short in devastating circumstances. Maddie was developing her marketing career in our industry and had just been appointed

How many brackets will I need?

How many Brackets Picture4:Cast Iron

We often get asked how many brackets will be needed per length of metal guttering. The answer depends on the metal guttering range that you have bought. Galvanised Steel /Copper/ Zinc /Stainless Steel guttering ranges Position Fascia Brackets at 915mm

Back to School! Take a look how easy Steel is to install!

Back to school woth Rainclear Systems graphic

We’ve created some great resources – illustrated guides and videos – so there’s really no excuse anymore to say: ‘Galvanised Steel is too difficult to install’. “It’s always so frustrating to hear customers telling you that their builder has tried

Why use the Prefab Outlet vs Wrap-around Outlet – what’s the difference?

Image 1. The prefabricated outlet – requires a gutter union on either side (unless the integral 300mm gutter length is the perfect length to sit at the end of the run, sealed off with a stop-end.

The prefabricated outlet was initially introduced to make things easier and swifter for DIY customers. Regular installers of the Infinity Galvanized steel (copper and zinc) rainwater system were accustomed to cutting out a hole in the gutter anywhere along the

Send us a sketch of your ideal aluminium fascia profile

Image 1. An example of a suitable sketch of a bespoke fascia profile

Image 1. An example of a suitable sketch of a bespoke fascia profile  As Skyline Aluminium Fascia and Soffit are made to order, if you don’t see the exact profile you need or want online – just send us a

Galvanised Steel in 8 Stylish Finishes

Galvanised steel is the most affordable and versatile of the metal rainwater ranges offering smart and contemporary styling that looks great on both modern and traditional buildings. The stylish range comes pre- coated in a robust, three-layer corrosion resistant coating

New Door Canopies Range Added

Image 1. The Bauhaus inspired range of Door Canopies with LED light and side panel (also available with an integral letterbox)

We’ve just added a brand-new range of door canopies, and side panels, to the website – and some to stock for next day delivery. “These canopies are produced to the highest specifications using high-quality aluminium and stainless steel and environmentally

How Zinc Changes Colour Over Time

Traditional rooftops of Paris, made of Zinc

  Our Natural Zinc Rainwater system initially arrives a bright silver, the metal slowly, over time, turns into a darker shade similar to lead, making it a great choice for period properties, but also adds character to more contemporary buildings.

Offset projection Min & Max distances for 2-part Downpipe Offsets from our Aluminium ranges

Capel Bethel - Cast Aluminium case study - image 002

This page contains a very useful set of tables that show the offset projection distances (min to max) of many of the aluminium downpipe ranges that we offer or can get hold of for you.

The Galvanic Scale – How different metals can be incompatible

Galvanic corrosion on two dissimilar metals

Two dissimilar metals, used together, can cause galvanic corrosion. The further apart the materials are in the galvanic ‘scale’ or ‘series’ , the higher the risk of corrosion is.