Back to School! Take a look how easy Steel is to install!

We’ve created some great resources – illustrated guides and videos – so there’s really no excuse anymore to say: ‘Galvanised Steel is too difficult to install’.

“It’s always so frustrating to hear customers telling you that their builder has tried to talk them out of using Galvanised Steel guttering and tried to persuade them to allow them to install plastic instead.

The G20, the Government (barring Rishi Sunak this week) and Greta are encouraging us all to go carbon neutral and to choose sustainable products, to opt for recyclable and ‘cradle to cradle’ options, yet instead of taking a quick look, and learning for themselves just how easy galvanised steel gutters are to install, these builders are pushing back against the tide of progress and good intentions and, equally as important, their own customers’ wishes.”

They usually end up grudgingly admiring the finished job when the customer has stuck to their guns and insisted on steel. So it’s just a shame they feel such an unnecessary lack of confidence in their own abilities. We aim to change that!”

James Wright – Rainclear Systems’ Sales Manager


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Get ‘back to school’ ready!

Find the resources – illustrated downloadable guides and videos – to fill your builder with confidence when you ask them to price up and install a rainwater system in Galvanised Steel:


Contact us with drawings and we can help put together a list of components and a quote for them.


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