A brief video guide to gluing in Infinity Zinc Rainwater System Stopends

The Infinity Zinc rainwater system is available from Rainclear Systems with next day delivery in 115mm and 125mm deep half round profile and in 80mm round downpipes. Other sizes are available with a longer leadtime and with prices available on request.

Over time, Zinc forms a thin layer called a ‘patina’. This patina covers the material and protects it from weather elements, such as heat, wind and water. It is utterly immune to the harmful effects of UV rays. This hard-wearing property means Zinc will last up to 50 years even in the most testing environments. The ‘Quartz’ Zinc system Rainclear stock already has the appearance of ‘pre-weathered’ Zinc.

Lightweight and easy to install

  • The gutter lengths can either be glued together or use our EPMD lined Union-connectors. There is no welding, soldering.
  • Wrap-around gutter outlets offer downpipe positioning flexibility.
  • Swaged-necked downpipes and fittings simply slot together.
  • The Zinc system comes with downpipe brackets that require galvanised M10 screws to secure them in place. The M10 screws need to be ordered separately from the brackets, at either 100mm, 140mm or 200mm lengths system.
  • The Zinc stop ends need to be glued in with the high-tech adhesive (applicable on damp surfaces, UV-resistant, solvent-free, extremely high bond strength,) we supply. This is still a simple and proven method.

A short video demonstration always makes an explanation much clearer and easier to understand, so we put one together for you below.

Video transcript:

  • Apply the glue evenly round the ‘lip’ of the outer edge of the stopend
  • Offer the stopend up to the gutter and, from ‘ear’ to ‘ear’, insert the gutter into the glue in the stopend lip
  • Make sure the gutter end is pressed tight up against the inside of the stopend
  • Clean off any glue that has been pressed through to the outside
  • To line the inside of the stopend with a thicker line of glue, cut the glue’s tip a ½” further down
  • Line the inside of the stopend with the glue
  • Use your ungloved and dampened finger to smooth the glue along the inside edge
  • Allow the glue to dry fully (6-8hours) before testing the strength of the bond!

The Zinc & Copper rainwater system pricelist, with an illustration of all the system components, is always available on our downloads page www.rainclearsystems.co.uk/downloads

You’ll find other helpful tips and videos at www.rainclearsystems.co.uk

And if you have any other questions about Infinity’s Zinc Rainwater System, or any other Rainclear metal rainwater or drainage range, you can always get in touch by phone on 0800 644 44 26 or email sales@rainclear.co.uk 

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