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The Galvanic Scale – How different metals can be incompatible

Galvanic corrosion on two dissimilar metals

Two dissimilar metals, used together, can cause galvanic corrosion. The further apart the materials are in the galvanic ‘scale’ or ‘series’ , the higher the risk of corrosion is.

Rainclear Systems’ Heritage Cast Aluminium Rainwater Range – Can it replace Cast Iron guttering?

Riddel Hall, Belfast

Of course Aluminium guttering will never completely replace Cast Iron.   Cast Iron is often obligatory on our oldest buildings, and with good reason, it offers an unmistakable appearance and has proven to last up to one hundred years with

Jargon-busting Glossary of Guttering Terminology

jargon bustin image

There are often times when we are asked for something by a customer and there is a moment of confusion until we match the name a customer uses for an item with the way we refer to our products. Neither name is more correct, but

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What are Hoppers for?

Off White Ornate Hopper02

Hopper Heads Invalid Displayed Gallery When I have asked architects what a hopper head is for, I get answers such as-: “They are for ornamental effect.” “So you can get more than one pipe to run in to one drain

General FAQs

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How long should my gutters last? Are metal systems easy to fit? How many downpipes should my gutters have? Why are there so many metal systems to choose from?

Gutter Systems that don’t cost the earth

No matter which metal rainwater system you choose, all systems of fer exceptional ‘life time’ value for money.

Fixed those Gutters?


Your house needs you! Unfortunately, the best time to check for leaks and overflows in gutters and downpipes is while it is actually raining. National Maintenance Week is coming up in November and this annual awareness week always ends with