Revolutionary NEW Galvanised Steel Fascia & Soffit System

Working in partnership with the innovative design team at its established German manufacturers, Rainclear have developed a simple to install, stylish and robust fascia and soffit system to match their Infinity Galvanised Steel Rainwater system.

In keeping with the robust 4-layer, soft sheen, colour coated Infinity Galvanised steel guttering, the fascia system comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty offering peace of mind to both installers and home owners. Although with its galvanised steel core, zinc/magnesium corrosion protection, primer bonding coat and then the UV and scratch resistant polyester top coat it is expected to last for 25+ years - and all without the need to repaint.

Even without Rainclear’s 50% off introductory offer available throughout April 2017, this new addition to the range aims to be the most affordable metal Fascia & Soffit system on the market.

Won’t I need to learn NEW skills to install it?

No. Rainclear have been supplying high quality Metal Guttering to professional builders, SME developers, self-builders and DIYers for over a decade now, and understood a new system would need to be simple and intuitive to fit.

  • There are four base components.
  • Components can be overlapped eliminating the need for awkward or pedantic measuring and cuts
  • Simply fix using the matching colour capped, stainless steel ring-shanked nails provided

N.B. Ensure there is a suitable structural wooden substrate installed (recommended 25mm thick).

Won’t I need NEW tools?

No. All you need for installation are:

  • Metal shears or a nibbler and metal snips
  • The usual tape measure, square, level, clamps, hammer, pencil and work bench
  • Gloves & Goggles (safety first!)


Choose between the U, V or L profiles and, for next day delivery from stock, either Anthracite Grey, Dusty Grey or White.

See the difference the profiles make to the finish at the roofline below left and the difference the colour makes below right

Give the team at Rainclear a call on 0800 644 44 26 or today - we always try to beat any like-for-like quote while delivering the best quality system for your budget/project.

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