Get Extra with Galvanised Steel Guttering

We've 6 colours and plain Galvanised steel, all with next day delivery and FREE delivery on orders over £300 net and all with 30% Off the list price!

But why choose Galvanised Steel when you come to replace your gutters or for your self-build project?

  • Infinity Galvanised Steel is available in 7 colours & plain Galv in 24 hours
    (or a considerably wider range of colours than uPVC if you are prepared for a longer lead time and the possibility of additional surcharges depending on the size of the order)
  • Comes with 20% deeper flow-capacity that will continue to work effectively to protect your home despite the recent, more extreme British weather
  • Is more stylish and more robust than uPVC or rival steel guttering systems so will retain its good looks for longer
  • does not crack, creak or fade
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its life
  • Innovative design makes it easy to install

Although it may be a slightly more expensive than uPVC or rival steel systems, its beauty, durability and recycle-ability makes it the more cost-effective choice as the long-term advantages far outweigh the initial outlay.

Galvanised Steel Bristol customer case Image 1
Galvanised Steel Bristol customer case Image 3

Pictured: Oak Apple Structures shared images from a recent project – an oak frame and cedar roofed BBQ shelter complete with Infinity Galvanised Steel Guttering and downpipes.

Some old steel rainwater systems have given all a bad reputation. Some steel components without a Galvanised core and zinc/magnesium protection layer like Infinity’s, sold to property owners in coastal areas in the past, resulted in problems later.

And why choose Infinity Galvanised Steel guttering?

Infinity Galvanised Steel benefits from a unique 4 layer system which protects the steel and enhances the longevity of the colour.

  1. The Galvanised Steel core
  2. The Zinc/Magnesium corrosion protection layer
  3. A primer bonding coat, adding further corrosion protection
  4. Finally, the ‘Robust’ polyester colour top coat with maximum UV and scratch resistant properties

Another key factor in ensuring longevity is the installation process – and the method of CUTTING in particular. NEVER use mechanical grinders or hole saws. ALWAYS cut using metal snips/shears - THIS method of cutting SEALS the ends of the metal edge and that prevents any possibility of rust.

Metal Shears best for use to cut Galvanised Steel allowing it to self heal
Tin snips are best for use to cut Galvanised Steel allowing it to self heal

All 6 stocked colours and the non-colour coated galvanized steel are available with next day delivery so can be delivered “Just-in-Time”.

PLEASE NOTE: It is best not to store the non-colour coated galvanized steel outside for any length of time before installing as it can become affected by “white rust”. If it is unavoidable, cover components with a waterproof tarpaulin, allowing space between so that air can circulate freely to avoid condensation. Keep the period of outside storage to a minimum, especially during the summer as elevated temperatures during storage outdoors and under tarpaulin can speed up “white rust”. Once installed on the roof, non-colour coated Galvanised Steel actually dulls to a slightly darker hue over time, taking on an appearance similar to that of lead. This natural weathering process, as the zinc outer layer patinas when exposed to many wet and dry cycles, seals the material inside offering long-lasting protection so should not be fought with abrasive cleaning.

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