Get Gutters Ready for Autumn – Scoop Out and then Install Leaf Guard Brushes

Your guttering helps protect your house, keeping rain and snow from causing water damage to your roof, rafters, exterior and interior walls. Climbing ladders in miserable weather to clear out blocked gutters is something no one enjoys.  To help you get your gutters ready for Autumn now, Rainclear are offering a specially designed GutterScoop™ at just 99p with every order of Gutter Guard Brushes.

Why fit gutter brushes?

Once installed the Hedgehog™ Gutter Guard Brushes mean any falling leaves and debris get caught on its spikes leaving the rainwater to run clear and the debris to simply blow away when dry. Take action now so you can relax when Autumn arrives.

Figure 1 & 2 (right). Gutters before and after installation of Gutter Brushes

We often hear from building and roofing contractors as well as property owners that blocked gutters have caused expensive damage to a rainwater system or property – it’s all too common.

Gutter Guard Brushes are such great value and quick to fit, making it a cost effective solution, especially when someone has just gone to the trouble of installing a smart new rainwater system.

Fitting a gutter guard finishes off a project well and ensures that the guttering system can drain effectively - future problems, expense and hassle are avoided.”

Anthony Hitchman, General Manager at Rainclear

Gutter Guard Brushes come in four widths - 100mm & 125mm for houses and 50mm & 75mm for sheds and greenhouses - making it suitable for most gutter systems.  It comes with an impressive 10 year product guarantee.


Gutters before and after instaling Brush Leaf Guardsscoop_action_smlscoop99p_sml


Unfortunately, you will have to do some gutter cleaning before you install the Hedgehog Gutter Brush, but once done – once – then you can install the Hedgehog Gutter Brush and leave the gutter cleaning alone for years!

Figure 3. (above-right) Hedgehog’s™ specially designed Gutter Scoop and Rainclear’s October offer

Why would I want a specially designed scoop?

This slim-line GutterScoop™ will slide along inside the guttering and scoop up anything in its path. Because of its size and its extended, slightly curved lip it collects leaves, moss and general debris quickly and easily

"It picks up a lot more material in a single scoop than, for example, a garden trowel and keeps the sludge from falling through gloved hands, which could otherwise stain your brickwork or white render.

With this scoop I find that while holding the handle with one hand I can squeeze the sides of the scoop together slightly with the other hand and get the scoop out of the gutter easily without knocking any of the collected material back into the gutter or dropping it on either the house or path below.

After a quick wash under the tap it is as good as new, and should last a lifetime."

  • Lightweight & durable: made from tough polypropylene
  • Perfect size: 42cm long and 7cm wide, suits most gutter sizes
  • Clear leaves, sludge & debris without staining walls and render
  • Many other home and garden uses as well as clearing drains; scatter seeds, dispense pet food, measure potting mix, spread fertiliser

So why not get your GutterScoop™ for 99p, get your gutter cleared and gutter brushes installed now, then sit back and relax and enjoy golden autumn leaves, fireworks displays and kids Halloween parties safe in the knowledge that your guttering is now protecting your property for years to come (and you won’t have to climb back up that ladder!).

Rainclear offer free delivery on orders over £300 Net, trade accounts, a drawing take-off service and same-day quotations. They will always try to beat any like-for-like quote on metal Rainwater systems, while delivering the best quality system for your budget/project.

Give the team at Rainclear a call on 0800 644 44 26 or follow the link below to shop online.

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