Harmer SML Cast Iron Waste now available to buy online from Rainclear

Cutting SML illustrated

Harmer SML Cast Iron Waste Drainage Pipes Installation being Demonstrated

The Harmer SML above and below ground rainwaters and waste systems are now listed on the website at www.rainclear.co.uk so you can browse and buy online at your convenience. Or put together a shopping cart and ‘save as a quote’ that you can email to a colleague to discuss before making a purchase.

Cast Iron rainwater and waste pipes are a bit of a specialist product, but we know there are specifiers and specialist multistorey, modern residential and commercial property contractors out there who would benefit from being able to put together a list of products and prices and get a printout. And when they’re ready, to be able to put it all in their cart themselves and pay for it (securely via Credit card or PayPal) without having to speak to anyone or wait for input from anyone else. That is the option Rainclear have offered by adding the Harmer SML ranges – above ground and below ground – to the website. So, now you can choose how you want to purchase your products for your project with as little or as much assistance as you require.

Why buy a Cast Iron Above and Below Ground Soil and Waste System?

  • Cast iron has a proven track record for its longevity over the lifetime of a building.
  • Quiet - Excellent acoustic performance - Typically, no special sound insulation measures required (The discharge of soil, waste and rainwater through a pipe generates structure-borne and airborne sound between habitable spaces and usually occurs because the pipe is filled with a mixture of air and water. The resultant noise will then be transmitted to lightweight ceilings, cupboards and similar constructions. Cast iron pipe systems however, because of the high mass per unit area of their pipe walls as well as the joint design characteristics, provide considerable noise reduction benefits when discharging soil, waste and rainwater within buildings.)

Harmer Cast Iron Above grouns internal waste drainage pipes between Floors illustrated

Harmer Cast Iron Above grouns internal waste drainage pipes exposed during build

  • High resistance to positive and negative pressure - no need to change material in sensitive areas. No expansion joints, deflection bends or other special expansion control techniques are required for the dimensionally stable pipes due to the low coefficient of thermal expansion of cast iron.
  • Non-combustible, therefore does not require costly fire protection collars.
  • Long life cycle (40 Years) and 100% recyclable - can be returned to the furnace to make new cast iron products.

Why buy Harmer SML Cast Iron Above and Below Ground Soil and Waste System?

  • Totally secure and socketless, dry-jointed and lightweight cast iron soil and waste system - BBA certified and BS EN 877 standard.
  • Manufactured under strict factory-controlled conditions to meet the highest performance standards.
  • Combines modern, state-of-the-art drainage technology with the unique characteristics and benefits of cast iron as a preferred material for drainage installations.
  • Easy and Quick to Install - Assembled by means of twin screw couplings. Easily connects to other materials via push-fit couplings. No special installation equipment or specialist experience required. Harmer SML pipe can be readily cut by the use of a powered disc cutter, portable bandsaw, wheel cutter or with chain cutters. Ensure the correct grade of disc appropriate to cast iron is used for disc cutter. Coat cut ends of pipes with appropriate touch-up paint.
  • Comes complete with a comprehensive suite of fittings and accessories.
  • NBS format specifications (R11 Above-Ground Foul Drainage Systems & R12 Below-Ground Foul Drainage Systems) are available on request.
  • Product Identification - SML pipes and fittings are labelled during manufacture in accordance with the standard BS EN 877 and can be clearly identified.
  • Low Maintenance - Epoxy coatings ensure pipes and fittings need minimal maintenance over the lifetime of a drainage installation.
  • Value for Money - Less fixing necessary, as fewer brackets are required because of greater pipe spanning capability.
  • Fully compatible with Harmer ranges of Aluminium and Insulated Roof Outlets and Harmer and Wade Cast Iron Roof Outlets, Harmer and Wade Floor Drains and Harmer Modulock Linear Roof Channel Drains also listed on the Rainclear website.

SML Cast Iron internal waste pipes orview illustrated

A Harmer Balcon Outlet to a SML Cast IRon internal waste water pipe

Why buy Harmer SML Cast Iron Above and Below Ground Soil and Waste System from Rainclear Systems?

  • Delivery in 5days to any UK mainland destination
  • FREE delivery on orders over £1k Net
  • FREE Drainage calculation, take-off from drawings and quotation service

Shop SML Above Ground NOW: https://www.rainclear.co.uk/drainage/sml-cast-iron-above-ground-drainage.html

Shop SML Below Ground NOW: https://www.rainclear.co.uk/drainage/sml-cast-iron-below-ground-drainage.html

Download the Harmer SML Lightweight Cast Iron Soil & Waste Technical Brochure from our downloads page.

And coming to the website soon - Harmer Backflow Valves!

SML Backflow 110

Harmer Backflow Valves are a comprehensive range of single and double flap non-return valves that prevent the back flow of rainwater or waste drainage. Increases in heavy rainfall events in the UK recently have made the occurrence of flooding from storm water drains more common. Harmer backflow valves offer protection to properties from the problem of flood water backflow from below-ground drainage systems. We can currently source them but will soon be adding them to the website so you can add them to your list of products and saved quote yourself very soon.

The friendly, knowledgeable team at Rainclear Systems are always happy to offer advice, quotations, and volume discounts where applicable.

Visit www.rainclear.co.uk to browse and buy Harmer SML ranges online now, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, have questions or need any help call 0800 644 44 26 or email sales@rainclear.co.uk

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