What do we mean by ‘Heritage Textured Black’ in Cast Aluminium?

Textured Black Gutter Length next day delivery
Textured Black Downpipe with cast eared collar for next day delivery
Textured Black Rainwater HopperHead next day delivery
Textured Black heavy-wall Downpipe with cast eared collar for next day delivery

We stock cast aluminium gutters, downpipes and hoppers in ‘Textured Black’ for next day delivery. But why do we describe it as heritage ‘textured’?

Cast Aluminium is a modern, lighter-weight alternative to the traditional Cast Iron rainwater system if you want to give your property a traditional look or you live in a conservation area and your conservation officer will allow it.

The textured powder coating finish is designed to give the same consistent traditional ‘sand cast’ appearance of cast Iron. In fact, the Cast Aluminium Gutters and downpipe collars and shoes with ears are ‘cast’ and so do have the same ‘pitted’ surface that results from the molten metal cooling and setting in a sand mould.

Mill finish cast gutter and eared collar
Sand cast texture, close-up

So why is there a ‘textured finish’ to the colour powder coating on Cast Aluminium?

The reason it’s so popular to  to powder coat the gutters, hoppers and downpipes in a ‘textured’ finish is to keep a consistent finish because the downpipes are NOT cast but extruded.

Downpipe without textured PPC
Close-up of smooth extruded downpipe surface
Downpipe with Textured powder colour coating
Close-up of txtured powder coating

So, without the textured finish powder coating they are smooth appearance and so would not exactly match the cast items.

The Cast aluminium rainwater range with a textured finish is available in Black for next day delivery as it is the most popular colour. Rainclear has worked closely with the manufacturers to bring you 7 other textured colours in a range of greys from dark, to light to white  available in just 15 days.

Other colours can be available on request with longer lead times and various surcharges – it is best to ask us in the first instance and we can find out more for you.

(The Cast Iron rainwater range does not require a textured finish as ALL the components are ‘cast’ using traditional patterns. Although Cast Iron will last over 100 years if sensibly maintained, that maintenance does include repainting regularly every 5 years and due to the weight, requires two people to install. Cast Aluminium, on the other hand, is lighter to handle and fix, and should last 40 years in rural/urban areas and 25 in marine or industrial environments. There are also considerably more colour choices with Aluminium.)

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