Infinity Galvanised Steel – The Complete Rainwater & Eaves System Solution

Rainclear Systems, the UK’s leading stockist and online retailer of metal rainwater systems developed a fascia & soffit system to match their popular rainwater system in colour coated galvanised steel to bring you the complete solution for your roofline/eaves.

Whether you are a seasoned developer or are building or refurbishing your dream home, you want the longest-lasting, smartest-looking, easiest-to- install, highest quality roofline system for your money – and this one is designed to meet all those expectations!

Anthony MacFarlane, Sales Executive and part of the friendly knowledgeable team you can call on for advice, quotes and take-offs from drawings at Rainclear, says about Infinity:

“The galvanised steel guttering and downpipe system has been designed with clever features like dry-jointed rubber lined gutter unions that snap shut to save you soldering, riveting or messing about with silicone sealant. The stopends come with the same EPDM rubber seal so they just ‘push on’. Galvanised steel is a thermally stable material so you don’t get the expanding and contracting that you do with dark coloured uPVC gutters that put a strain on the joins so that they are more likely to eventually fail and leak.

The robust, 4 layer colour coating on this complete rainwater and eaves system means it is scratch and UV resistant so it won’t crack or fade and if that wasn’t enough to convince you it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years!

This all makes for low maintenance system which is also environmentally friendly as it is completely recyclable.

We love to offer exceptional service levels as well as the highest quality products and value for money to our customers. For example, we recently added a new plain ‘box’ hopper in all 6 stocked colours based on feedback directly from our customers. So, if you don’t see exactly what you want or the colour you want - get in touch - we can arrange bespoke fabrications or other colours, although lead times and surcharges will vary depending on the size of your order”



Image 1: Infinity half-round profile guttering, fascia & soffit in Dusty Grey (RAL 7037M) on a recent dormer-bungalow refurb in Bath.Image 1: Infinity half-round profile guttering, fascia & soffit in Dusty Grey (RAL 7037M) on a recent dormer-bungalow refurb in Bath.



Image 2: Plain ‘box’ hopper in Dusty Grey (RAL 7037M)Image 2: Plain ‘box’ hopper in Dusty Grey (RAL 7037M)


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If you’d like more information on the range first, you can always give the friendly, knowledgeable sales team at Rainclear a call on 0800 644 44 26

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