Modulock – The Raised Paving & Decking Support System from Harmer

Modulock - the raised paving support system from Harmer grey paving roof terrace or courtyard

Harmer Modulock Raised Paving & Decking Supports

Harmer are known as the UK’s leading manufacturer’s of Drainage Systems. They have over 40 years of experience providing world class products.

Harmer’s Modulock Raised Paving & Decking Supports are now available to browse and buy on the Rainclear website – currently with 15% discount applied.

There is free delivery on orders over £300 net and delivery is within 3-5 working days.

Modulock - the raised paving support system from Harmer - shop nowThese robust, height adjustable pedestals are designed for use in terraces, walkways, balconies and ballasted flat roofs.
They have a self-levelling head (compensates for gradients up to 5°) and are self locating.
An extended key allows fine adjustment after slabs or decking has been laid.
The range provides adjustment from 37.5mm to 550mm and a variety of dividers for pre-set drainage gaps as well as heads without dividers for screw fixing decking battens.

Harmer has software to assist layout, number and type of pedestal the project requires, so give the team at Rainclear a call on 0800 644 44 26 or email for technical advice and quotes.

Illustration of the Modulock Raised paving decking support pedestals Harmer System


What is the maximum slope that can be compensated for?
Roof slopes of up to 5° (i.e 1:11, or 8% slope) can be accommodated with the self-levelling head.

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