Improved Colour Coating on Galvanised Steel Gutter Systems

Galvanised Steel is a great product for gutters and downpipes, it doesn’t fade so its stylish looks are long-lasting. And now Rainclear Systems’ Steel Gutters, downpipes and fittings, designed and manufactured by Zambelli in Germany, come with the new ‘robust’ colour coating in a choice of 5 colours; Black, Anthracite Grey, Dusty Grey, Grey White and Sepia Brown, held in stock for next day delivery.

With a 15yr product warranty and a life expectancy of at least 25 years, the 3 layer colour coated Robust system provides great looks and great performance.

Gutter LAYERS Drawing_FN2

New ROBUST colour coated system

As the name implies, ROBUST is an innovative coating system that is extremely hard wearing. The coating consists of three layers of protection comprising zinc corrosion protection, primer bonding coat and a ‘Robust’ UV and scratch resistant polyester top coat.

  1. Galvanised Steel Core
  2. Zinc / Magnesium corrosion protection layer
  3. Primer bonding coat adds further corrosion protection
  4. Polyester top coat for maximum UV and scratch resistance


Sample box 2

Steel sample box available on request

  • please specify stock colour required
  • comes with swatches of the other stock colours

The demand for steel guttering has never been higher with homeowners and selfbuilders looking for this stylish, premium quality rainwater solution at a price tag that is closer to premium uPVC than heritage Cast Iron or Aluminium.  For example, the complete rainwater system on an average 3 bed detached home could be supplied for around £300 +VAT.*

The lightweight and innovative easy dry joint design of the Zambelli Steel rainwater system also make it easy to handle and fit.

The steel system is made of highly durable, recyclable metal in either galvanised or colour coated making it a great eco choice too.

Geraint Jones, Managing Director of Rainclear Systems, explains why:

“These Galvanised Steel products are a very competitive alternative to uPVC ones, but the steel system looks and last better while offering clever design features which make it easy to fit; push-on stop-ends and rubber lined unions mean there’s no need to use silicone; the fully adjustable outlets can be placed anywhere within a 3m gutter length or you can purchase ready-made outlets if you find that easier.”

Geraint Jones adds

“We were seeing increased demand for guttering systems that match in with other features on buildings such as fascia, soffit and windows. The Anthracite Grey, for example, is very popular.

Our half round galvanised steel gutters are deeper than other comparable systems on the market giving them a 20% larger capacity, which you’ll notice when the British weather does its worst.”

For a metal swatch book or sample of the outlet to see the quality and style for yourself, call 0800 644 44 26. To see the products and prices online visit or download a brochure and installation guide or case study here.

* at time of writing 13/08/15

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