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Natural Zinc rainwater range, Grey Aluminium coated Galvanised Steel and 60mm Galvanised Steel downpipe in 3 common colours

At Rainclear Systems we are always listening to our customers and adding to the huge stocks we hold available to next day delivery. In response to requests for more colours, other metals and a downpipe size that competes equally with the plastic alternative, we have added Natural Zinc, Grey Aluminium coated Galvanised Steel and a 60mm Galvanised Steel downpipe system in 3 common colours to the website were you can pay securely by credit card or via PayPal.

Natural Zinc

Natural Zinc Downpipe Shoe

Natural Zinc Downpipe Shoe

With a very shiny surface when leaving the warehouse, once installed on the exterior of a building, Natural Zinc will weather and form a beautifully textured grey patina. The development of the patina can take several years depending on the environmental and geographic location of the installation.

The aesthetically pleasing patina also provides protection to the material, making zinc a durable solution that requires minimal maintenance. Marks can occasionally appear on zinc surfaces that are unexposed to rain or are not regularly rinsed, so if a uniform finish is desired, a different zinc option, like the pre-weathered Quartz zinc, should be selected.

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Grey Aluminium coated Galvanised Steel

Half Round RAL 9007 'Grey Aluminium' Galvanised Steel Gutter

Half Round RAL 9007 'Grey Aluminium' Galvanised Steel Gutter

Just added in 2020. For an affordable metallic finish that will not dull, darken or fade – choose Grey Aluminium RAL 9007 ‘Robust’ colour coated Galvanised Steel. The complete system of guttering (115mm & 125mm), downpipe (80mm & 100mm) and associated fittings are now available to buy on the website with delivery in 15 Days.

The robust colour coating has a 4-layer application for long-lasting aesthetics with uniform colour and shine: 

  1. The robust-top coat polyester coating for maximum scratch resistance
  2. A primer for a perfect bond and corrosion protection
  3. A zinc-magnesium (the ‘galvanise’) layer for durable corrosion protection
  4. The steel core

A more affordable alternative to plain milled aluminium which will dull and zinc which will darken, losing lustre, and which have risen in cost in the past few years.

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60mm downpipes

Half Round Galvanised Steel 60mm 'wrap around' Gutter Outlet

Half Round Galvanised Steel 115mm gutter to 60mm downpipe 'wrap around' Outlet

Metal rainwater systems have always offered greater rainwater flow capacity than their plastic alternatives, but as some customers demanded an equivalent, we have worked with our steel suppliers, the manufacturers, to offer these smaller 60mm downpipes and the components necessary to link into them from our 115mm (4”) steel and colour coated gutters. For now we are stocking the 60mm system in plain Galvanised Steel, Black and RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey colour coated Galvanised Steel.

The suppliers of the Galvanised Steel system offer other colours, so if you wanted something not listed on the website, get in touch to discuss your requirements on 0800 644 44 26 or email


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