How to repair Cast Iron Guttering

Rainclear Systems has been in the business of providing customers with high quality Cast Iron Rainwater products and a high quality of advice and service for over 10 years and are often asked how to cut or drill Cast Iron Guttering.

Traditional Cast Iron Guttering was chosen for its durability as well as beauty. But this toughness, that makes it last 100+ years, does not make it hard to work with. The system is made of components so, though it is still often a two man job to install, the components can be replaced as needed, while others can often be renovated, restored and reinstated.
If you do find you need to cut cast iron guttering or downpipe components, you will need a diamond blade for your angle grinder, but these can be purchased at any DIY store or supplier from £5-£50, depending on the brand/quality.
If you find you need to drill an additional fixing hole in guttering, hopper, or other component, you will require a reasonable quality steel drill bit. You may find that the initial outer surface is hard, this is normal as cast iron does form a hard layer during the casting process, but once you are through this layer, you will find it much easier to drill. The important thing to remember when drilling cast iron, is to use a slow revolution on the drill and maintain a steady downward pressure.

Rainclear can help create a complete list of all the components you need with a take-off from architects drawings and supply a free same-day quotation. Why not ask about a trade account?

Shop online now at, if you already know what you want, but email or call 0800 644 44 26 if you would like to discuss your requirements with the friendly, knowledgeable team at Rainclear.

“We’ve been dealing with all types of clients including professional installers for more than 10 years.  Sharing that experience and knowledge is part of the customer service we offer. No question a customer asks is a silly question if it helps them to find the right items for their project. If we don’t have the answer we’ll know who to ask and get right back to them.”
Anthony Hitchman, General Manager.

Pics: 1.A diamond cutting blade for an angle grinder, available from any DIY store, from as little as £5

2.Cast Iron Guttering on a Wiltshire Manor House. The half round cast iron components that needed replacing were supplied primed for painting on site to match the original components that could be restored

3.A quality steel drill bit is also available from any DIY store, from as little as £5

Give the team at Rainclear a call on 0800 644 44 26. They try to beat any like-for-like quote while delivering the best quality system for your project. 

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