Stylish and sustainable, recyclable and long-lasting – galvanised and colour coated steel – Now with 30% OFF

Rainclear Systems, the specialist metal rainwater stockist and online retailer, is offering an incredible 30% off its list prices for galvanised and colour coated galvanised steel range throughout March 2019.

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Its Infinity Galvanised Steel range offers customers a sustainable and eco-friendly choice without compromising on good looks and durability. The manufacturers of Infinity supply, buy and use sustainable and ‘long life’ goods in the production of this rainwater system. Waste heat in the production process is recycled to heat the production facilities and water emissions are reduced to 0%, with all water being recycled within their plants. Cardboard packaging is recycled as filling to protect products in onward deliveries. At the end of its useful life (the manufacturer offers a 15year warranty) the rainwater system is easy to uninstall and recycle.

“Since the BBC’s Blue Planet II, the UK has woken up to the problem of plastic. The construction industry is the second largest user of plastic (after packaging), with 20% of plastic waste coming from the construction sector,”
[ Accessed 14/02/19]

“The impacts …of our use of plastic in construction …span across the whole life cycle from extraction, manufacturing, to toxicity and fire e.g. hydrogen cyanide - and continue through to end of life.”
[ Accessed 14/02/19]

And these impacts are now about to be accelerated through an increase in demand for housing in the UK.

We’re not saying we all need to live in a ‘plastic-free’ built environment, we’re just promoting galvanised steel rainwater as a more sustainable choice and also asking the question: ‘When it comes to guttering, can construction be persuaded to kick its plastics habit?’

Gillian Hobbs, director of resource efficiency at the Building Research Establishment (BRE): “…just because a product says it is recyclable doesn’t mean it will be recycled…. it is heavily reliant on fossil fuels for manufacture and its durability is paradoxically also its downfall: plastic that ends up in landfill is likely to take several centuries to decompose and some plastics release harmful chemicals into the soil, damaging water sources.”

  • 198,000 tonnes: the plastic waste from construction in Europe in 2016
  • 85,000 tonnes: the amount that was mechanically recycled

[ Accessed 14/02/19]

Richard Thompson - marine ecologist: “We’ve done a lot of work making sure plastic does its job, but very little amount of work on what happens to that product at the end of its lifetime.
I’m not saying plastics are the enemy, but there is a lot the industry can do to help solve the problem…simply avoiding unnecessary uses of the stuff, are the long-term solutions to the plastic waste problem.”
[ Accessed 14/02/19]

When it comes to guttering and downpipes, whether your motivation is saving the environment or

saving money, there are alternatives, including Galvanised Steel which:

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  • Offers minimal thermal movement compared to plastic (which can move and crack causing leaks)
  • Has a life expectancy of 25 years
  • Comes in 4 sizes to cope with different roof sizes and the prevailing local rainfall
  • While the plain galvanised material is not recommended for projects in coastal regions where salt water can have a corrosive reaction, in these instances, simply choose one of the 6 stocked robust colour coated options
  • Or choose a bespoke colour! Lead-times will be longer and varying surcharges will apply - but your colour options then become almost limitless.

The innovative design and superior fittings in the Infinity Galvanised steel rainwater system makes it an easy choice over its closest rivals

  • No riveting required (which could lead to a greater potential for corrosion)
  • Greater weight/thickness of material leading to greater stability and a longer life
  • 20% deeper for better rainwater flow capacity in our worsening weather
  • Our bead connector, push-on stopends and Gutter connector - both with EPMD rubber seal - make installation simpler and also add to greater stability.


But you can judge for yourself. Get in touch and we will send out a sample box with a short length of our Infinity Galvanised Steel gutter, fascia bracket, push-on stopend, and gutter union with ‘Z’ clip closure & security tab.

Visit or get in touch with the friendly, knowledgeable team at Rainclear on 0800 644 44 26 or email for all your metal drainage, roofline and rainwater requirements.

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