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Bending our Galv Steel Top-fix Rafter Bracket to the Pitch of Your Roof

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The Galvanised Steel range offers a choice of options for attaching guttering to your property: Long & Short back fascia brackets – Available from stock in the 6 colours of the range, Rise-and-fall brackets, side-fix and top-fix rafter brackets. The top-fix brackets need to be bent on site to match the pitch of your roof. We have sourced a quality top-fix rafter bracket bending tool, used by installers on the continent for decades, specifically for this task.

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We’ve Listened and Added to our Galvanised Steel Rainwater Range

New products added new products to our Steel Rainwater range

A Galvanised steel downpipe cover and rubber seal to join the 80mm & 100mm diameter Galvanised steel rainwater downpipe directly to 110mm sub-surface drainage pipes – as an alternative to ending with a downpipe shoe to an open grate and a downpipe bracket with an M10 boss; for use with an M10 screw in either 100mm, 140mm or 200mm depth; to allow secure fixing of downpipes to buildings constructed with deep insulation or external stonework with an irregular surface.

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