The advantages of steel over plastic

The advantages of steel over plastic are becoming increasingly obvious

In an industry often driven by price Rainclear Systems, online retailer and the UK’s leading distributor of metal guttering and downpipe products, has not compromised on quality.


In contrast to inferior and less eco-friendly PVCu the Galvanised steel rainwater system supplied by Rainclear is highly durable, made from a high percentage of recycled metal and 100% recyclable at end of life.

Q: How long should my gutters last?

- The system comes with a 15 year product warranty and will last in excess 25 years with regular maintenance.

Q: Will the colour fade?

- The natural Galvanised finish will simply weather over time and dull slightly to give a natural oxidised finish. The colour ranges are UV resistant and will not fade.

Q: Do steel gutters crack?

- Steel is a malleable material, extremely strong and, unlike plastic, has low thermal expansion. This all mean it is not vulnerable to the varying temperatures of the UK climate and, therefore, will not crack or make a noise as it changes temperature.

Q: How do I calculate what I need?

- If you have a drawing for your project, you can send it to us, we’ll work out exactly what you need and provide a written quotation. If you don't have drawings, give us a call on 0800 644 44 26 and we can talk through your project with you.

Q: Why is the lifetime value of steel cheaper than plastic?

- When replacing your guttering, the material is only one element of the cost. Installation and scaffolding costs can amount to a significant part of the overall cost. So, when you consider having to replace plastic 2-3 times to steel’s single 15+ years lifecycle, then steel becomes the obvious choice for long term, low maintenance, low cost & trouble free protection for your home.

For example: On a typical detached, 3 bedroomed, house in the UK

Total cost for Galvanised Steel Rainwater including: Total cost for comparable uPVC:
  • a 15 year product warranty
  • larger capacity to cope with the British weather
  • steel resists thermal expansion and contraction
  • will not fade or crack
  • 100% recyclable and a low carbon footprint
(Without any of these benefits)
circa £303.38 + VAT* circa £100.95 + VAT

* Correct at time of going to print: May 2016
Rainclear’s Galvanised Steel Guttering is 20% deeper than comparable systems, offering higher flow capacity to effortlessly manage the increasing levels of rainfall that are being experienced throughout the UK. The same system is now available, from the website, in copper.

Rainclear are offering a 25% discount on this quality range
Plus, if you'd like to have a smart new steel sample box to see the quality of the product yourself, Rainclear will send you one free.MarketingSupportNXTVisit the website, email or call 0800 6444426.

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