Tips for fitting Stopends, Fascia Brackets & Unions in Infinity Galvanised Steel

Obviously, I’m not an installer. I do marketing for Rainclear - but in that role, I have made up hundreds of steel gutter samples and that means attaching a stopend, a short back fascia bracket and a gutter union with security tab to an admittedly short length of gutter.

The sales team and I have taken phone calls asking how the stopend or fascia brackets go on (admittedly sometimes before they’ve even been unpacked!) and I’ve seen case study images of the installed steel gutters where the security tab has just been ignored or overlooked.

So, while not claiming to be any kind of expert, I just wanted to share with you what I’ve found makes fitting these components together easier and what, if easily overlooked, may cause you unnecessary difficulties. It is nearly impossible to describe these over the phone so we’ve made some very short videos that, we hope, will do the job well.

Tip 1: Fitting the stop end

transcript of text in the above video:
A rubber seal should already be fitted in the stopends when they arrive but if it isn’t already in there or if it falls out, insert with the tail of the ‘F’ toward the stopend.
This will mean the stopend goes onto the gutter easily...and ensures a secure, water-tight fit.
Match the ‘bead’ edge on the gutter to the ‘ear’ on the stopend (honestly – watch the video it is 49seconds long! It will make all this make sense) then roll/push the gutter in all the way round to the other ‘ear’.
You may also wish to give it a tap with soft-faced hammer.

Tip 2: Fitting fascia bracket

transcript of text in the above video:
First, place the back ‘hook’ of the fascia bracket over the back of the gutter length
Next, snap the front of the fascia bracket onto the ‘bead’ at the front of the gutter
If you are struggling to snap the front edge over the ‘bead’ - the back ’hook’ may need opening up a tiny bit
We find the ‘bead connector’ quite handy for this.

Tip 3: Fitting gutter union - highlighting the security tab

transcript of text in the above video:
TOP TIP – Use the bead connector to open all the security tabs on the gutter unions before you start!
We recommend using a ‘bead connector’ to open up all the security tabs before you start
The ‘bead connector’ goes half-way into one gutter length and half-way into the next, supporting the joins
The ‘hook’ at the back of the Union needs to completely cover the ‘hook’ at the back of the gutter length
If you are having trouble here, it is most likely that the rubber has been attached too high...
It really is quicker to pull out the EPMD rubber seal and reposition it than to keep struggling
Clamp the Union’s jaws closed and push the security tab down with your thumb or a soft-faced hammer.

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