Uni-Prop®, the NEW temporary support system – time to replace the old acrow?

Uni-Prop® is an innovative adjustable building support that can be quickly adapted to also deliver hydraulic power. The device is widely regarded as a major development for the general building industry; the first such upgrade on steel temporary supports (sometimes known as Acrows) in over 80 years. 

Renovation is a key application for the Uni-Prop® as the application of controlled power of up to two tonnes ensures safety AND avoids damage to the integrity of the brick and plaster-work around it, common in the use of traditional acrows, requiring expensive and time-consuming remedial work adding (now) unnecessary risk, delay and cost to renovation projects.

This video clip helps to demonstrate what we mean:

Striking traditional Acrow resulting in movement, cracks and restorative work

Striking traditional Acrow collar - resulting in movement, cracks and restorative work

Featured on the video, Jeremy Walsham, Director of Footings Direct, Colchester also told us.

“Striking the traditional prop collar (tightening piece) to apply the final upwards pressure, obviously then creates unnecessary movement in the brick that you’re trying to support, displaces bricks, tiles crack in the bathroom upstairs, there’s cracks coming down the wall, and doesn’t really give you that confidence in (the) pressure, but the new Uni-Prop® does. It gives so much pressure under the joists and because you’re not ‘bang, bang, banging’ at the fastening collar, you don’t get any movements, brakes or displacement. We’ve taken out all our stock and replaced them with these.  It’s time to replace the old acrow!

Until you see and use it onsite and realise the confidence it gives you to implement big steels, and sure-up big supporting walls, and the ease of use – you might not believe it. The guys had one run though of the hydraulic unit and got it immediately.”

The key innovation and facilitator of this added safety, time and extra-work-reliever is the detachable hydraulic assembly. It is the addition of this feature that makes Uni-Prop so special and sets it apart from existing devices that are used on virtually every building site everywhere.


Managing Director, David Marr commented,

“Uni-Prop has been in development for three years and our resulting solution is a global first in terms of hydraulic assisted temporary support.”

[ref: https://www.theconcretejungle.org/the-skys-the-limit-as-the-uks-most-innovative-building-solution-goes-global/ Accessed 17/01/19]

Online purchases in the UK can be made via our building materials partners, Buildingproducts-online.co.uk, who are currently offering a free 30 day trial for a limited time for trade customers and a 90 day money back guarantee so you can ‘try before you buy’.

Above: The Uni-Prop® Mini - Equivalent of Acrow size 0 - in a 'Contractors Pack' to offer extra discount

Above: The Uni-Prop® Mini - Equivalent of Acrow size 0 - in a 'Contractors Pack' to offer extra discount

The Uni-Prop® family of products consist the of equivalent of Acrow sizes 0, 1 & 2: the Uni-Prop® Mini, Midi & Maxi plus the Hydraulic Assembly Ram. In addition, you’ll also find on the buildingproducts-online.co.uk website, they’ve helpfully put together combinations of ‘contractors packs’ with extra discounts based on the size of packs you purchase – so it’s worth looking at those to make extra savings overall.

Marty Sheldrake, a Builder from Woodbridge, having used the Uni-Prop gave this appraisal

“Once builders have used it, they’ll use it time and time again. In just one use, Uni-Prop had more than paid for itself. Don’t hesitate to get this for your business.”

Finally, here’s a quick clip of the Uni-Prop® in action, on site, being used to position a Steel

Uni-Prop insitu on site

The Uni-Prop® in use on site - safer for staff and making less restorative repairs necessary

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