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With climate change appearing to be a reality that we are all having to face and although any change here in the UK is not as dramatic as being witnessed in many countries across the globe, we do seem to be experiencing warmer temperatures and more erratic weather patterns.  Because of this, increasingly, the collecting and conserving of rainwater is becoming a priority for many property owners.

Therefore, Rainclear Systems, the UK’s largest stockist of metal guttering systems, has chosen to stock a new range of practical but stylish rainwater diverters and water butts – products to help conserve and utilise the precious water that’s drained freely off our buildings.

Geraint Jones, Managing Director of Rainclear Systems explained

“There are many respected studies on climate change that indicate that here in the UK we’re most probably due for warmer wetter winters, an increase in heavy summer downpours along with intermittent periods of the prolonged drought and water shortage. At Rainclear, we have always stocked products that help people cope with our unpredictable weather. When it’s wet our metal guttering helps ensure efficient rainwater drainage and now we want to help people conserve as much of that water as possible rather than allow it to disappear down the drains.  To help collect and save this water, we’ve chosen a range of efficient and stylish rainwater diverter products with tank capacities which can conserve up to 800 litres of water at a time.  These products are a great way of harnessing rainfall when it’s plentiful and using it when it’s not.  When water is scarce, it’s ideal to be able to access free, collected rainwater to use to keep our gardens thriving and wash our cars for example.”


Geraint added

“There’s a superb range of design that will suit a huge range of properties – urban and rural, modern, contemporary and older, traditional style buildings. Many people now have multiple units in their gardens and enjoy the extra water storage capacity that allows. From barrel designs to mock stone tanks and terra cotta urns, these products represent a whole new way to incorporate water conservation into your garden.”

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